Our beloved Tango Friends, dear fellow dancers,

We are delighted to announce our Milonga Tormenta which will take place at Sensation Club Caddebostan, Istanbul at 9pm until 1pm. Milonga Tormenta which is held and organized regularly twice in a month (Every two weeks Monday), is one of new big , dynamic, enchanted, friendly and elegant milongas of Istanbul higly appreciated by tango dancers in İstanbul, Tango community in Turkey and abroad

Access to the venue of Milonga Tormenta is very easy and comfortable from Taksim Square. And private taxi is not the only solution for comfortability. Based on your preferences and budget, one yellow minivan can take you directly to milonga less than 10 Turkish lira (currently only 8.5 Turkish Lira-TL) you can get off anywhere you wish. The picture here denotes where to getoff from yellow minivan.
Those yellow minivans called “Sarı Dolmuş” in Turkish pronounced ‘Sa-ruh Dolmush’, Sarı dolmus are located in Taksim next to AKM (photo 1-left) .What is AKM? There is a place situated in heart of Taksim opera house and designed for exhibitions.(still under renovation) This is called AKM (Ataturk Cultural Centre) or ” Ataturk Kültür Merkezi, in Turkish.

AKM is located at Taksim Square. Take this yellow minivan. Be carefull. Take the yellow minivan goes to BOSTANCI but not the one follows Ziverbey direction.. take (Bostancı Sahil). Yellow minivan. Then get off at the “Caddebostan Migros”.

And opposite of the road you will see the Sensation Club on Caribou Café. That is the building of the venue. Cross the street and take the elevator, on the 2nd floor you will be nicely and warmly welcomed by TORMENTA FAMILY waiting you to share friendship and tango.

Our arms are friendly openwide to cudldle and dance in TORMENTA MILONGA

See you there on Monday.


Değerli Tango Dostlarımız,

Sizleri 2 haftada 1 düzenlediğimiz Sensation’ın büyük salonundaki gecemizde, Daha büyük, Daha kaliteli, Daha Sosyal ve Daha bütçe dostu bir milongaya davet ediyoruz.

TORMENTA olarak İstanbul’da devam eden 4 etkinliğimiz arasına büyük milongamızı eklemekten ve sizlere düzenli olarak sunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz.

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9:00 pm - 1:00 am













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