Well the world is full of Tango Marathon. So, what it makes Cyprus Tango Marathon different than the others? Apart form ‘must-to-have’s’ (proven DJ set, excellent and large-enough floor, gender balanced, limited participation, opening of registrations at an excitingly announced date and hour, sharp! food, etc.) CTM has its ‘own’s;

– It offers a unique venue; A historical church with huge wooden floor. You will not dance on the marble floor but on all natural wood.

– It offers both history and the beach together; (well no need the say that the ones where Aphrodite was born from) By daily shuttles and guided tours you will extend your city exploration to its extreme.

– It offers ’All in one’ location; Well, you are not tied to the hotel room and the hotel saloon. We wanted you to enjoy the warm surroundings during your beautiful walk to the milonga location. Join to local cafes, restaurants in between while the mild Cyprus weather refreshes your day.

– It offers flexible accommodation; We hear that you are voicing ‘What the hell it is?’ If you do not want to pay more to the hotels, we thought of you. Bring your sleeping bag and stay in our studios. The bath and the kitchen is yours and shared with lovely friends.

– It offers Incredible food and snacks support during the marathon. Local cousin will be with us and you will have more than enough, no worries.

– It tempts you to extend your stay in this heavenly corner of the world within the extremely low budget so that you could enjoy the beaches and the country more and more…

– Well if you place GO/ 1601 TR in your promotion code we also have a little surprise for you.


Our Address:

Bedesten (Church of St. Nicholas), Kuyumcular Sokak, Lefkoşa, Kıbrıs


35.177326, 33.36405